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When to Catch Pre-Spawned Bass

Q. I have been wondering what month of the year will be best to catch pre-spawned large mouth, small mouth, and Kentucky bass? Also would a shaky head jig work good to catch them?

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Essential Fishing Gear to Get Started

Heading out to try fishing for the first time? Or maybe it has been awhile since you’ve gone fishing. Here’s a basic list of items to get you going.

Fishing Advice

How to Use a Trolling Motor

Trolling motors are battery-powered engines used to move a boat quietly around the shallows without spooking the fish. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how one works.

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How to Tie a Palomar Knot

The palomar is one of the easiest, most versatile fishing knots. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how to tie it.

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How to Do the Shooter Cast

The Shooter is a fun and effective way to cast a line under docks or other overhanging obstacles. Fishing champ Aaron McAlexander shows you how it’s done.