1. This Quiz is “Crappie”. Get it. Oh im sorry i just have a ” LARGE MOUTH” get it, largemouth bass.

  2. I love fishing, So this was an easy quiz 9 out of 10. The one I missed was was the cutthroat trout, I’ve never even heard of it.

  3. I never knew that river monsters would actually help me but here I am now with 60%!!!YASS QUEEN πŸ‘‘!!!

  4. Holy Mackeral!!!!!! Pulled in the Atlantic Ocean by a Marlin (Atlantic Ocean Swordfish.......or was it a Sandbar Shark....No, just a Yellow Perch...Maybe a White Perch? Fishing Schooner Patrol, Troop 870 says:

    This is a really great identification quiz. In my home state of residence, the Hickory Shad fish is a protected species and the Atlantic Ocean Sturgeon is a protected species. In my home state of residence, the water temperature is too warm to accommodate the migratory behavior of Salmon from the Atlantic Ocean into the Chesapeake Bay and the Susquehanna River. Salmon is known to be migratory in the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River in Oregon and the Atlantic Ocean and rivers of the state of Connecticut and the rivers of the state of New Hampshire. Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean for Flounder is fun. You have to know how deep the water is from the top of the water to the ocean floor….15 feet or 250 feet of fishing line required to fish for Flounder. Flounder is a saltwater fish. Lake Michigan is a freshwater lake. You can catch a lot of really great fish in Lake Michigan. But, no matter how hard you try, a flounder fish didn’t come out of Lake Michigan no matter how long and hard you try to fish for flounder fish by the lighthouse located on Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is a freshwater lake located in North America. You CAN catch muskellunge, walleye, northern pike, common carp, catfish, brown bullhead, and large mouth bass in Lake Michigan. You can even sit and watch sea gulls and mallard ducks fly across lake Michigan while fishing in Lake Michigan. This is a really great fish identification quiz.

  5. Well I’ll be darned, here I was thinking myself a master baiter, but really I’m just your run of the mill regular hooker. 80% isn’t terrible, but for a wet nose like myself I expected better. I think I’ve probably spent too much time gargling the salty brine of the ocean, and not enough time in the white rapids of a river. Better luck next time for me I guess.

  6. I personally think that this quiz is really good for people that are new to fishing. I often get the gar and alligator gar confused. Wolf lord out.

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