Choosing the Right Bait and Lures

Pro angler Tom Redington explains where to look for bass on cloudy and sunny days. He also discusses the best type of lures to use when pond fishing.


  1. What do you mean crappie are supposed to be fun to catch and good to eat ? They ARE fun to catch and they’re GREAT to eat.I can’t give you a guide on where to fish for em because I have no idea where you’re located. Rivers, ponds, lakes is just too vague and doesn’t allow me to help you at all just sayin’. However, during the day, crappie tend to be less active and concentrate around weedbeds or submerged objects such as logs and boulders in deeper water; they begin feeding at dusk, moving then into open water or approaching the shore. They feed all through the night and start to slow their feeding at dawn. I’ve gotten most of mine at night between the hours of 11 pm to 4 am.Anyway, the BEST lure is the everfaithful crappie jig tipped with a sliver of Chamois. I’ve gotten them on other lures such as small crankbaits, curly-tailed grubs fished on a jighead, marabou jigs, and believe it or not, a trout spinner (well, a friend did). The BEST live bait for big crappie is and always will be a live shad (or a live minnow of some sort, depending on your location).-B

  2. I went fishing on a campout and the weather was overcast but the rain kept turning on and off all day so I am pretty sure the fish were hiding but at the same time I fished a kid caught a fish as long as the spacebar I use on this keyboard and I caught NOTHING! I don’t remember what bait i had been using and I hope I go again.

  3. I watched the video on what bait to use in different types of weather. So the next time I go fishing I’ll now What to use as bait.

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