Recommended Fishing Rod?

117337263Q. What type of fishing rod would you recommend to someone?

A. The most versatile fishing rod is a 6.5-foot, medium-action spinning rod. You can throw little crappie jigs on it, live bait for catfish, trout spinners, or most any bass lure. If you are going to start with one fishing rod and fish for multiple species, this is the perfect one.

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  1. First Class Scout, "Blue Ribbon Mississippi River Bullhead Bottom Feeder Award", Pacific Ocean Sea Lion Patrol, Troop 825 says:

    My first choice in fishing rods that I would recommend to someone to use in “freshwater fishing” is the “Ugly Stick” Fishing Pole that is really sensitive to fish that both nibble and strike on a person’s fishing tackle. My second choice in fishing rods (is not most people’s choice for fishing poles) is either a long, green willow stick or a long bamboo pole from a hardware store that contains a home-made reel using a discarded, plastic sixteen fluid ounce soft drink bottle that about fifty yards of fishing line can be wrapped around it. A person casts the fishing line by hand like a “fly-fishing casting reel instead of a trolling fishing reel cast.

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