How to Catch a Smallmouth Bass?

139992527Q. I have never caught a bass in my life, even though I’ve been fishing a lot. I really want to catch a smallmouth bass. What are you’re suggestions? Here’s the question: How do I catch a smallmouth bass?

A. Smallmouth live in a lot of deep and clear lakes, but they can be hard to catch because they roam a lot. Smallies that live in rivers or streams are a lot easier. They feed around current, especially in rocky areas that break the current, like rip rap or wing dams on big rivers or rapids in a small stream. Cast your bait to the edge between the fast moving and slow moving water and you’ll often find feeding smallmouth here.

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  1. me and my brother went to lake erie last year going for bass. we went to a buoy which had many other boats aounrd it. we never usually fish for bass usually walleye but i only caught one bass and people aounrd me were pulling them up every cast. any tips? and mine was on a spinnerbait which i didnt even think i would catch anything on. nice vid btw!

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