Where to Find Worms For Bait?


Q. How can you get lots of worms for bait?

A. As a kid in the Midwest, I would dig them up in moist soil.  I learned quickly that digging up the house yard would get me in big trouble with my parents, although that was often the easiest digging.  Getting the bait was half the fun of fishing as a kid, but I take the easy way out these days and buy a dozen or two at the local tackle store for a few bucks.  Less of a mess and it keeps me from getting grounded by my wife for tearing up the yard!

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  1. As a kid, my friends and I used to pick nightcrawlers off neighborhood lawns, our high school football field, and at a local golf course. Only 4 or 5 nights work kept us in bait for the entire summer!

  2. A good way to get night crawlers for free and without digging is “Grunting” which requires 2 people for ease. First find an area that is preferably wet or with damp soil if possible since it attracts more worms like near a lake bank or wet loan to increase your chances. Next get a smooth piece of wood preferably round and insert at least a foot in the ground and leave 2-4 inches on top. I use 2 or 3 long wooden skewers. Get a metal multi strand wire measuring 1 foot at least (like the one included in picture hanging kits ($1-2) and rub it against the wooden spikes vigorously and very soon (sometimes almost immediately) Night crawlers Will appear on the surface within several feet of the grunting. Depending on how strong the vibrations you create and sound you can have up to 15 foot radius of worms to pick. So 1 person grants and the other picks. As weird as this sounds there is a reason and this is how worms are collected and sold to bait shops. Night crawlers are extremely sensitive in detecting vibrations. So when you produce this they think it’s a mole digging near them looking for an easy meal so they attempt to escape. Actually this method was on TV on dirty jobs. I also tried in daylight and it works. The best time is after rain but you can still collect them year round. Hope this helps.

  3. You can set up”bait traps” a day earlier,pushing big stones a bit into the ground.The next day,or any day after that,you can flip the stones over to discover that the ground beneath them is colonated with big,juicy worms.Have fun fishing!

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