What Are Those Things?

“Hey man, what are those things on the back of your boat?!”

Of all the fishing questions I get, it’s not queries about my favorite bait or lure color that is the number one question. Nope, it’s a look of bewilderment about the “sticks” on the back of my boat: the Power Poles.

Call me biased, but my Boy Scouts-wrapped fishing machine is cutting edge and might just be the sharpest looking sled in all of pro fishing. Power Poles look like surface-to-air missiles or cosmic ray guns, but they have a more practical and peaceful purpose. In reality, Power Poles are a recent innovation that most pros use to silently anchor our boats in place.

Wanna see them in action and how they work?

So now you know. But if you want to tell your friends that it’s a laser-powered mosquito zapper with a wink, I won’t give away your secret!

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From fishing as a pro on the FLW Tour bass circuit to guiding, filming fishing shows and fun fishing with my Cub Scout son, I spend a lot of time on the water around the country.

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  1. I would also be one of those people who would ask you what those were. I have never seen someone have those on the back of their boat and I am on the water all the time.

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