Trick Casting With Tom Redington

After making millions of casts in a lifetime, fishing pros like Tom Redington can get pretty precise with their casts. Check out some of Tom’s awesome trick shots and then read his blog post for tips on improving your casting accuracy.


  1. Trick Casting….How to cast and catch a Balsam Fir Evergreen Tree instead of a White Oak Tree, A Burr Oak Tree or a Sugar Maple Tree….and I am not even a blind person fishing from the shoreline into a river using a closed spinning reel on my fishing pole (fishing rod)….Now how do I cast my tackle into the river instead of the river bank located on the shore line…and how do I cast my fishing tackle so I don’t reach the sandbar located in the river…..Oh, are we supposed to going fishing and casting the tackle to where the bubbles in the water are located in the river to catch fish?

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