How to Do a Pitch Cast

Many fish live really close to fallen trees, clumps of grass, boat docks and other types of cover. According to pro fisherman Tom Redington, a pitch cast is a great way to get bait really close to those fish with a splashless entry that doesn’t spook them.

To do a pitch cast, start with the line extended to about the same length as the rod. Hold the reel with one hand, and the bait with the other hand. The pitch cast is done by quickly flicking the wrist holding the reel, allowing the bait to be pulled out of the other hand and into the water. Don’t throw the bait, let the line pull it. For the best results, use quick wrist action instead of a lot of arm movement.

For accuracy, try casting straight out in line with your center line. If you need more distance, you can try casting to the side, but you won’t be as accurate.

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