How to Choose the Right Crankbait Colors When Bass Fishing

With hundreds of crankbait lure colors to choose from, picking the right color for bass fishing can be hard. Here are some of fishing pro Tom Redington’s tips for choosing the right crankbait colors for various conditions:

  • Use silver or chrome colored crankbait lures on sunny days when bass are feeding on bait fish such as minnows or shad.
  • Use white crankbait lures on cloudy or rainy days.
  • When bass are eating crawfish, try a green or brownish colored crankbait.
  • If the water is stained or muddy, use brightly colored crankbait with as orange or chartreuse to help the fish find the bait.


    • If you want bass go for the edges where you can find cover or dropoffs. If you want a real fish go to the absolute deepest and cast a deep diver.

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